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We at SYSDEK are capable of providing various Technology solutions catering the SME’s & SMB’s in Sri Lanka. We constantly put in efforts to deliver the best we can to the customer as customer satisfaction is our principal objective when it comes to a professional perception. We believe in a business model where customer’s satisfaction is the primary purpose to develop and gain business.

Our competitive advantage lies with our enthusiastic Professional Team. Our team consists of a resilient set of personalities with specialized skills and expertise, which are useful to deliver a quality service or a product. The capabilities of the SYSDEK Team is the key to success and can be so-called as the best example for “Excellent Team Work”

There is a wide range of IT Services which could be obtainable by SYSDEK which moreover be beneficial for the customers in various ways in order to make the daily operations of that particular expertise business easier. We are capable of providing personalized flexible solutions which could suite your type of business in the best manner.

PiCS - POS & Inventory Control System

PICS complies a set of operational and reporting modules which could cater to any small or medium retail business establishments. It is platform independent and has the ability of catering businesses which spread into various geographical locations and combining the operations all into one system for business conveniences. PICS could be categorized as a SaaS (Software as a service) and its designed to run on a cloud based environment as implementing it is quite simple and cost effective.

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